Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma in Football Management

Welcome Message from Henry Menezes, CEO of WIFA

This innovative and cutting edge curriculum from WIFA and Skillanation gives you the complete range of knowledge and skill-sets to help you learn and achieve a governing body Diploma certification and turn you in to a AIFF recognised and certified Football Professional. Through the course of 10 months you will learn:

1. Football Marketing

How to market Football successfully to various stakeholders. How to create effective presentations to project value and ROI to sponsors. Case studies from EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga. Why are Spanish and English Clubs so popular around the world – understanding their marketing strategy. The business model of the Indian Super League and comparative analysis. Understanding models of revenue generation through Licensing and Merchandising. Using research metrics in Football. Media rights and the role of Television broadcasting and Web streaming in Football.

2. Football Management

Principles of Management in Football. The growth trajectory of Football in India and abroad. Understanding artificial and natural Turf Management. Fan management and offline engagement and rewards programs. Team Management. Management case studies of ISL, EPL and La Liga Clubs. Managing Public Relations and Advertising strategies of a Football Club and Academy. Management of Football Federations. Leadership Management. Managing Budgets and Cash Flow for Football Clubs and Training Academies. Taxation in Sport – Football and allied verticals.

3. Evaluating Player Performance and Enhancement

Technology-aided parameters and metrics in evaluating performance at various age groups. Building a performance step up program through a non-stop interactive feedback loop. Forecasting the peaking of highly talented football players through data aggregation and mining. Implementing a fitness and conditioning program for Football Players. Injury prevention, mitigation and First Aid.

4. Operations Management

Planning and Execution of Football Events. Match Day Experience. Facility Management in Football. Logistics Management for Clubs and Events. Organising world class mega events in Football. Optimising the performance of a Football Academyl. Staffing and organisational role structure in a Football Club. Planning and organising a Grassroots Development Structure – Local, City, State & National.

5. League and Franchisee Management

Event Management in Indian Super League. Structure of Leagues in India vis-à-vis Europe and Latin America. Managing and optimising Revenue Streams of a Franchisee Team in a League. Understanding the Transfer Window and Player Transfers.

6. Analysing Match Performance

How to use visual data capture and analytical software to analyse match performance. How to catalogue and reference match performances to track progress over a period of time.

7. Player Management and Representation

Responsibilities and governing regulations of an Agent. How to enter in to representation contracts and agreements. Representations and Endorsements.

8. Human Body Movement Analysis and Enhancement

Understanding the Human Body from a Football perspective. Kinesiology: The movement of the human body for maximum efficacy. Sports Drugs and Nutrition. Physical and mental conditioning and recovery. Psychological elements impacting Football.

9. Sports Law

Agreements and Contracts in Football – National and International. Creating and protecting your Intellectual Properties. Understanding the provisions of law related to insurance, bodily harm, reputation, child rights and gender discrimination in Football.

10. Digital and Social Media Marketing in Football

Digital Marketing of Golf Events. Fan acquisition and engagement through social media. Creating value on Digital Platforms for sponsors.

Internships & Placements

Internships opportunities: During the course you will get options to work on Indian Super League, I-League, WIFA Champions League, WIFA Womens League, WIFA Youth League and Grassroots Development Programs powered by FIFA.

Placements: A Student + Management Placement Cell will be constituted upon commencement of the course and will take down the placement preferences of the students. Interviews for job placements will be set up by this Placement Cell.


You will learn from senior football industry practitioners (In India and abroad) – those who are currently leading and running football clubs, leagues, events and federations thus allowing you to garner knowledge and important contacts. Faculty includes Directors and CEOs of Football Clubs, CEO’s and Presidents of Football Federations, CEOs and MDs of Football Management and Marketing Agencies, Current and Past Football Players, Lawyers working with Football Contracts and Agencies involved in organising mega Football Events.

Three Study Options for India’s first and only Diploma in Football Management

Full Time
Monday to Friday ; 4:30PM to 8:30PM Rs. 295,000 (inclusive of 18% GST) applicable from 18th January 2019. Choose this option if you want to spend time doing a lot of intensive Football work with Clubs, Federations and Leagues. This is an intensive track which allows college students who finish college around 1 or 2 in the afternoon to spend their weekday evenings learning and working in the football diaspora. It is also ideal for those who are working in the mornings and afternoons but free from 4pm onwards or those currently not working neither studying.

Part Time
Mon, Wed and Thurs; 6:30PM to 8:30PM Rs. 145,000 (inclusive of 18% GST) applicable from 18th January 2019. The curriculum is the same as full time but the time spent on practicum is less because this option is mostly chosen by those who are already working in Football such as School Football Coaches, Football Academy trainers/coaches and people doing a job. You learn as much as the Full Time students do but you have the time in the day to continue doing what you are doing. You also get a chance to try out what you learn in your day job on a daily basis.

At your convenience through Video Tutorials, Online Practical Monitoring & Online Project Submissions Rs. 95,000 (inclusive of 18% GST) applicable from 18th January 2019. This option is ideal for those who are living outside Mumbai. We have students from cities around India and abroad as well choosing this option because it allows them to pass out with a Diploma in Football Management by choosing their own study time through video tutorials and personalised practical monitoring and submissions. You will be given scheduled activity lists supplemented with project courseware and submission deadlines. You will also be able to undertake practical training in your city and submit your learning outcomes through emails.

Admission Procedure

Eligibility For Diploma Certification: 12th Class Education completed in any field For Post Graduate Diploma Certification: Graduation completed in any field Aptitude Test: You have to obtain a minimum of 50% in the aptitude test. Questions are cognitive in nature and as it is a multiple choice assessment you only have to choose the right answer. No negative marking. Prior registration for the Test is essential. Please call on 8454 833377 to register or send an email to join@skillanation.com If you reside outside Mumbai then you can choose to give an ‘Online Test’. Please indicate this preference when you call or send an email for the Test.