India’s first Cricket Technology Certified Coaching Program - BatPlus launched

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MUMBAI, May 30, 2019 – WIFA Skillanation and Hexvel Disruptor Pvt. Ltd, have introduced India’s first Cricket Technology Certified Coaching Program - BatPlus.

In this Program students, coaches and cricketers use sensors and smart microchips, embedded in the cricket bat and ball analysis to unearth actionable insights for the development of full potential of the cricketer. Coaching academies are trained and certified upon reaching standards of excellence in deployment of this Cricket Technology.

Mr. Ajoy Desai Ingala, Founder and CEO of Hexvel Disruptor said “We have democratised Cricket Technology for all! Through this Certified Coaching Program, thousands of Indian cricket players in coaching academies will get access to the latest cutting-edge technology in just a few hundred Rupees. I am proud to say that this Made-in-India product will be a game changer not only for Cricket but also Football, Hockey, Tennis and many other sports.”

Mr. Souter Vaz, Secretary of WIFA said “We are elated that our Sports Management students will work on the frontline of this Technology revolution sweeping the Sports Industry as every Sport will benefit greatly with smart chips like these to give critical data and information to players, coaches and managers.”

Mr. Henry Menezes, CEO of WIFA added, “The certification of Technology Coaching Programs at the grassroots level brings the all important aspect of quality control centre-stage and provides maximum value to the young sportsmen and sportswomen of India”.

“BatPlus is just the first of many Sports Technology Certified Coaching Programs to be launched this year, with Football to follow shortly, and we are excited to partner with the only Association-led Sports Management Education Platform in the Country”
said Mr. Vamshi Panjala, COO of Hexvel Disruptor.

Information on this Program is available on 8454833377.

About Hexvel Disruptor Pvt. Ltd.

Hexvel Disruptor Pvt Ltd is India’s leading home-grown Sports Tech company with a vision to enable millions of athletes to discover the full potential of their sport by providing access to insightful data through technology and innovation.
BatPlus ™ is the first offering from range of products lined up to disrupt the game. Hexvel’s affordable and accessible IOT range of products will ensure the full potential of technology is penetrated to grassroots level. With unique app training tools, the coaches are equipped to analyse and track their player’s performance and suggest growth metrics with better precision. The training wearable units pair up with the app and showcase the current skill sets of the players. The smart chips/ proprietary algorithms allow players to track their cricketing journey towards their goals. One can track progress over every session and compare with his peers or cricketing icons to figure out new ways of improving the technique.

About WIFA Skillanation

WIFA is the most valued and respected Sports Association in Maharashtra and has global recognition and relationships due to its affiliation with AIFF.
Skillanation is India's premier Skills Education Platform in Sport-specific disciplines and has strong industry relationships with Cricket, Football, Tennis, Golf and other sports brands such as International Cricket Council, Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, Pro-Wrestling League, Indian Pro Kabaddi League, Catapult and Hudl.”